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Winter Nature Day Camp 2019

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Winter Nature Day Camp
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My child/ward has my permission to attend WOLF Nature Day Camp. My child/ward is in good health and I accept all financial responsibility for my child’s attendance. In consideration of participation in this program, I hereby indemnify and hold harmless UCCR, WOLF School, the CA-NV Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church, its agents, employees and volunteers from any and all liability for any injury suffered by me and/or my child, arising from or connected with this program and I assume all risk for injury. I understand that s/he will be participating in a day camp program involving physical activity, hiking and physical challenges and understand there are risks inherent in said program and accept full responsibility for his/her participation. IN CASE OF MEDICAL OR SURGICAL EMERGENCY, I hereby authorize the physician selected by the Program Director to secure all proper and required treatment for my child/ward. I agree that any photographs of my child taken by any WOLF School staff or others authorized by them, or any photographs, video, writing, artwork and/or testimonials submitted my child/myself to the WOLF School shall be the property of the WOLF School and may be used by the WOLF School and others authorized by them at its discretion for any publicity, marketing and/or advertising purposes, and I hereby consent to and authorize such use without restriction. CANCELLATION POLICY I understand that WOLF plans its staffing and purchasing according to registrations in order to provide a safe, stimulating learning atmosphere for campers. I understand that written notice by December 14, 2018 is required to cancel day camp participants. I understand that written notification may be sent to in order to receive a refund minus a $20 non-refundable processing fee. Cancellations after December 14, 2018 are non-refundable.
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What to bring to camp:

  • Lunch

  • Water Bottle

  • Closed Toe Shoes

  • Hat

  • Sunscreen

  • Day Pack for Short Walks

Snacks provided.

*Winter Nature Day Camp 2019 begins at 8:30 a.m. and ends at 4:30 p.m. If you need to drop-off your child early or pick them up-later than these times please inform WOLF School at Phone: (831) 684-0148.