"Building respect, appreciation, and stewardship within the web of life." WOLF School Mission


WOLF School works with schools and organizations to connect youth with nature, empower individuals, and strengthen communities. Since 1989, we have been fortunate to introduce thousands of California’s students to the wonders of the outdoors and their larger roles within the web of life.


what we do

We connect youth with nature through immersive K-12 California state standards-based residential outdoor science school and team building programs that are adapted to support each individual student group.

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Why WOLF School?

We provide the outdoor experiences that give students the opportunity to gain knowledge, awareness and respect of their environment, their community and themselves, creating life-long learners and global stewards.

how we do it

We are a mission-driven and student-focused non-profit organization operating at stunning camps throughout California and led by professionally-trained naturalists committed to outdoor education. 


Community Partners

Together, we can connect more of California's students to nature and their own potential.

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Scholarship Fund

For many students, the chance to attend a California science camp program and experience nature is a distant dream far removed from their urban realities. Our scholarship fund aims to give equal access to these students. With your help, we can make once in a lifetime inspire a lifetime.


Camp Store

T-shirts made from 100% recycled materials, hats and beanies, canvas totes and more! Shop our camp store to find gear for you and your student. Plus! All proceeds benefit the WOLF School Scholarship Fund and go towards sending more kids to camp.

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WOLF School’s naturalists are passionate about what they’re doing and use multiple modalities to reach every student.
— Carolyn Hudson, Teacher, Deterding Elementary, Carmichael
It took my breath away, so perfect and vivid that you ask yourself is this real. You think not even the best technology can be so beautiful.
— Student, WOLF School Journal Entry
In these days of standards-based education, the naturalists at WOLF School remember that, along with the facts, there should also be joy in the scientific process. They instill in their students an appreciation for close observation and an understanding of global issues. Best of all they make us feel as if we’re the first ones to walk a creek or stand under a redwood; they make each experience new and exciting.
— Helen Shamble, Teacher, Easterbrook Discovery School, San Jose