Experience the fun of hands-on science in the outdoors!

During WOLF School’s Outdoor Science School program, educated naturalists lead students in scientific field studies where students can explore, discover, and learn about the natural world through fun activities on the trail and in remarkable outdoor environments. Our naturalists are experts at taking material taught in the classroom and creating supplemental curriculum in the outdoors, and field studies can be tailored to teachers' particular subject interests or state standards for a specific grade. Let us know what your interests are and we will create an unforgettable California science camp experience for you and your students!


Program Goals & Objectives


Foster an awareness of and appreciation for the natural world.


Provide students with knowledge of basic life systems.


Promote stewardship and action on behalf of the earth.


Encourage social growth by challenging students to work in cooperative groups.


Enhance classroom learning of Ecosystems, Life, Earth and Physical Sciences.

Create a positive environment where students feel free to grow as individuals.


Seven little concepts that give you life!

At WOLF School we closely match our curriculum to California State Science Content Standards and Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), focusing our lessons on the Life, Earth, Physical Science, and Investigation and Experimentation sections. Introducing the concepts of ACDCECI to students gives them a framework for exploring the natural world while simultaneously touching on many principles of the science standards’ individual teaching requirements. As students make observations in the field, these concepts act as tools to use in understanding and analyzing their discoveries.

Our Outdoor Science School program can also integrate or emphasize certain concepts based on teacher requests or requirements. We work with the school in advance of the program to assure students’ curricular and social needs are met.

Students will participate in


Field studies on the trail with WOLF School naturalists.

Use of scientific equipment to observe or measure their environment.

The completion of a student journal to take back to school.


Learning to live together in a community, including family style meals, shared cabins, cleaning up after themselves, etc.

Evening activities such as campfire with songs and skits, night/dusk walk, town hall meetings, and astronomy night.

Environmental education lessons such as Redwood Ecology, Watersheds, Geology, Astronomy, Botany, Solar, and Animals.

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