Since 1989, we have dedicated ourselves to providing engaging and impactful educational outdoor experiences for California’s K-12th grade students.

We believe in the transformative power of outdoor experiences, and are committed to designing immersive programs that connect youth with nature, empower individuals, and strengthen communities. Through lessons and activities that make learning fun, WOLF School gives teachers the opportunity to enhance classroom curriculum, and gives students the chance to gain knowledge, awareness, and respect of their environment, their community, and themselves.




Building respect, appreciation, and stewardship within the web of life.



our vision

To inspire youth to connect with the natural world in order to better understand their place within it.



We believe in the abilities and intelligence within each child, and strive to provide an environment where youth can make meaningful discoveries about themselves.


We believe in the importance of making connections within the web of life, and encourage students to build healthy relationships with themselves, their communities, and the world around them.


We encourage stewardship of the natural world by teaching students about the importance of the environment, and how their own actions can inspire real change.


We think everyone has the right to experience nature, so we strive to find the most affordable options for students and teachers, so that anyone who wants to attend WOLF School has the opportunity.


We want each student’s outdoor experience to be as impactful as possible, so we focus on providing the most positive programs and settings possible.


We believe that knowledge is power, and that by becoming a life-long learner and continuously educating oneself each individual can make a positive difference for the betterment of themselves and their world.

Our Campuses

WOLF School is unique in our ability to offer any of our educational outdoor programs at multiple professionally-maintained camps in beautiful locations throughout California. From the central coast’s soaring redwood forests to the majestic reaches of the Sierras, with campuses as far north as Sonoma County and south to the San Bernardino Mountains, choose the site that best suits your group, and get ready for a remarkable experience!

California Outdoor Science School with WOLF School at Camp Monte Toyon.jpg

Camp Monte Toyon

Santa Cruz Area Campus

Camp Tuolumne Trails

Yosemite Area Campus


Camp Arroyo

East Bay Area Campus

Camp Cazadero

Sonoma Area Campus

Camp Pilgrim Pines

Southern California Campus

Our Team

Innovative Educators. Inspiring Leaders.

At WOLF School, we believe in learning by doing, and that positive role models have incredible impact on our youth. That’s why we take such great care in choosing, training, and supporting our staff. Our Program Directors and Naturalists hold college degrees and are professionals in environmental education, with backgrounds in science, history, community-building, education, and working with youth. They have a zeal for the outdoors that excites and engages our participants, encouraging every individual to connect and learn in nature. The experience and diverse backgrounds of our staff come together to create safe and dynamic educational programs that students will never forget.

Working in the redwoods with kids is such a rewarding experience. Once you get the group in a perfect circle and have them look up and see a perfect circle formed by the redwood grove that they are now standing in, they are instantly hooked.
— Naturalist, Web of Life Field School, Santa Cruz