100% of your donation to WOLF School's Scholarship Fund goes towards bringing students and schools to camp.


Scholarship fund

Your donation to WOLF School's Scholarship Fund allows us to connect more youth to nature and their own potential. Our scholarships go to students and schools who have limited access to the outdoors, and who otherwise wouldn't have the opportunity to attend an outdoor education program.


wolf initiative

There's no better way to make an impact than to join in the effort of getting more kids outdoors! We partner with like-minded organizations and individuals committed to outdoor experiences for youth, to give more access to nature to more of California's students. See how you can help.


Shop for Merch. Send Kids to Camp.

100% of proceeds from WOLF School merchandise sales go into our Scholarship Fund!


why your support matters

  • You introduce the beauty of the outdoors to youth otherwise limited to urban neighborhood.
  • You positively impact the life of a student who has limited opportunities to education outside of the classroom.
  • You teach a child how important it is to be stewards of our planet as they develop leadership skills, self-confidence, positive peer relationships, and respect for the natural world.
  • You show our youth that communities care about the experiences and successes of all individuals.

how to apply for Scholarships

WOLF School awards several scholarships each year to schools demonstrating financial need on the part of their students. Scholarships are funded by donations, merchandise proceeds, and grants, and are awarded in the form of a price reduction on the final bill at the end of the WOLF School program. If you think your child would qualify for a WOLF School scholarship, contact your child’s teacher or principal as soon as possible. Teachers and administrators may apply for scholarships on behalf of students at their school. Our main goal at WOLF School is to get kids outdoors, so if you have any financial concerns, please don't hesitate to contact us!