The Web of Life

At WOLF School, we believe in the interconnectedness of all things, and in each individual’s responsibility to learn about, protect, and enhance those connections for present and future generations. By getting kids outdoors, we are able to build their connections to nature, themselves, and their larger roles within the web of life, inspiring lifelong learners and empowered global stewards.


Field School Goals


Increase awareness and knowledge of the environment.


Encourage individual self-confidence and self-esteem.


Build a community based on respect and responsibility.


Provide outdoor experiences filled with learning, adventure, and fun!

WOLF School Inspires

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Environmental Respect

Fun, hands-on outdoor activities introduce students to nature through adventure and exploration.

State standard aligned curriculum taught via field studies on the trail brings classroom learning to life.

Students gain academic knowledge of the environment and learn their role as participants in ecosystems.

Immersive, week-long program allows students the time to develop positive attitudes towards and a commitment to the natural world.






Camp setting away from home requires self-reliance, inspiring confidence within students as they discover their own independence and capabilities.

Inquiry-based learning model cultivates better real-world problem solving skills and a stronger motivation to learn.

Students are encouraged to value their own interests, strengths and abilities, increasing their self-esteem.

WOLF School California Science Camp
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Community Stewardship

Unique team building challenges teach students the importance of working with their peers to achieve shared goals.

Living together in a community while at camp teaches students the importance of cooperation, conflict resolution, and relationship building with their peers.

Students learn the impact of their actions and discover their ability to be responsible stewards of themselves, their communities, and the environment.


Get Involved

You can share the positive impact of an outdoor experience with California’s youth.

Keep doing what you do so well—foster in each of us the unique treasures of which we are caretakers.
— Catherine Whittaker, Teacher, St. Michael’s Episcopal Day School, Carmichael
Many of the students in my group had never experienced being away from the city life, yet they enjoyed every moment spent in nature and learning valuable information without feeling like it was school. They had a blast!
— Maria, Parent Chaperone, Baker Elementary, San Jose
As always, the kids were extremely absorbed in this program. Socially and academically, they have grown up this week! Every year we are pleased with the emotionally safe yet adventurous environment WOLF School creates.
— Kristen Tufo, Teacher, St. Philip’s School, San Francisco