Chaperones are an essential part of the WOLF School team.

Their responsibilities include hiking with the students, assisting with positive discipline, sleeping in the cabin in order to supervise the students overnight, and participating in group and educational activities. A Chaperone Handbook including all necessary information and forms has been composed for the teachers, parents, and other adults chosen to share the experience of camp with students. Be prepared to be a leader, and please select and download the Chaperone Handbook for the campus you are attending, review its contents, and fill out the necessary forms prior to arriving at camp. Chaperones and teachers will also receive a comprehensive chaperone training when they arrive. 


parent handbooks

Are you the chaperone of a WOLF School program that your child is attending? WOLF School has composed Parent/Guardian Handbooks, available in both English and Spanish, containing relevant information for student's parents/guardians to know, as well as student forms that parents/guardians are required to fill out and submit to teachers. Please click the button below to find the Parent/Guardian Handbook for the campus you are attending, and review its contents prior to your child attending the WOLF School program.  

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