Personal Awareness. Community Commitment.

WOLF School’s P.A.C.C. Team Building program is designed to teach K-12th grade students the keys to successful communication, responsibility, and personal growth through unique challenges and initiatives that summon personal awareness and persistence in a beautiful outdoor setting. Participants will learn how to make positive choices, cooperate with peers and community, and gain respect for themselves and others.


Program Goals & Objectives


Learn to identify personal strengths and areas for improvement.


Discover the diverse skills and abilities within classmates and community.


Develop tolerance and appreciation of personal differences.


Practice taking positive risks in a supportive environment.


Improve communication and problem solving skills.

Increase student involvement and action in their community.

Team Building Program concepts

The goal of WOLF School’s P.A.C.C. Team Building program is to facilitate learning situations that empower students to work toward their personal best. Our program concepts develop patterns of understanding while building skills for success.

Special focus: the P.A.C.C. Team Building program can emphasize certain group building concepts or subject area knowledge based on teacher requests and students’ particular needs. We work with the school in advance to assure students' curricular and social needs are met.



Students will participate in


Field study activities.


Mental and physical challenges.

Science and natural history lessons.


Living and learning together in a community.

Team building initiatives.

Ropes course available at some WOLF School campuses.

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