WOLF School Naturalist for Hire Program

The natural world has so many places to explore and new things to discover.  Any time you take a walk out in nature, there are so many hidden treasures to find and experience. 

However, a lot of the most amazing things are easily overlooked if you aren’t looking or don’t know what to look for.  A professional naturalist guide can help you to see, enjoy, and understand more about the environment and wildlife by pointing out those hidden gems and teaching about all the things that you see out on the trail.  With a naturalist guide, you will be able to get the most out of your experience in nature, learn a great deal of cool information, and you won’t have to worry about getting lost.

A naturalist helps connect people to nature and interprets what’s going on in the environment.  Often times called an interpreter, these people help you to hear and understand what the wild is “saying” to us.  You can learn so much more about nature, and the flora and fauna that inhabit it, when you have someone to tell the story behind each creature and each interaction.  They can show you the rare and endangered organisms, point out the small overlooked details, and answer any questions that might come up along the way.  Not only can you learn the names of the plants and animals around, but you can also learn how they interact with each other to survive, their importance in the community, how they were used by people in the past, and how they can be a benefit to the people of today.

The Web of Life Field (WOLF) School’s Naturalist for Hire program allows you to take an educated guide with you on any hike throughout Little Basin Cabins & Campground and Big Basin Redwoods State Park, and maximize the amount that you will see and learn on your hike.  It also can help add to your adventure through educational games and activities that can be done with your group as well.  Great for any kind of school, scouting, or family group or special event, programs can be customized around your personal requests.  Themes include: ecology, plants, animals, history, astronomy, team building, and much more!

Gaining more knowledge about nature allows for a deeper connection with it, and a deeper connection leads to a greater appreciation.  It is great to take a hike in the outdoors, but even better to fully experience it and build that connection and appreciation for the environment.  With such great beauty around, don’t miss a chance to take advantage of such amazing wonders of nature, and also to take advantage of the great resources available to teach about it.

To set up your Naturalist-For-Hire experience, give us a call at: 831-338-8018. Ask for Typhoon! (Although, any of us are glad to help you.)