Winter Nature Day Camp 2016

WOLF School had an amazing week of Winter Nature Day Camp at Camp Monte Toyon!

Hedgehog, Armadillo, Otter, Coyote, Sunshine, and Typhoon were so happy to see new faces joining us this year and to welcome back our returning campers, some of which have been coming every year since the beginning!

We started the week off with "Salamander Day," and got to make amazing salamander art, one with yarn and one with beads, play salamander games, and even got to catch and look at some live salamanders out in the wild.

On the second day, we learned about more animals, like birds, banana slugs, and snakes.  Our special guests were some live snakes that everyone got to touch.

Day 3 was a very wet day, with lots of rain. Seeing that coming, we planned a water themed day!  We learned all about the water cycle and got to use trowels to make rivers in the sand. We also made beautiful lanterns, just in case the power went out.

On the fourth day everyone showed off their skills in our talent show. We also spaced out, as it was Galaxy day at camp. We made our own planets and learned all about the solar system.

On our last day, we spent a lot of time in the redwoods, learning about these amazing trees. On our hike we found pretty leaves, and made leaf prints on napkins. We even had a rubber band target shooting competition, and some won great prizes including a bead newt that Otter made, and a certificate for free camping at Little Basin!

It was a great week with a group of awesome kids! We were happy to hear how much fun everyone was having, and that they wanted to come back for our summer camp...which is good because we're already looking forward to seeing those smiling faces again in June.

Quote of the week, "I wish I could go to WOLF School all year!"