Winter Nature Day Camp 2014

Our second annual Winter Nature Camp at Camp Monte Toyon in Aptos, CA was a huge success!

We had a great group of kids, some of which had returned from last year and even more joined in on the fun this year. We even had kids requesting their parents to bring them more days then they had originally signed up for, because they were enjoying camp so much. “I love this camp!” was frequently heard.

Each themed day brought new adventure, excitement, and knowledge as the students learned about animals, plants, Native Americans and orienteering. One of the kids' (and WOLF School naturalist's!) favorite days was Adventure Day, when we made maps and found geocaches using a GPS. One group even saw a Peregrine Falcon while hiking around. Another highlight, was finding insects and arachnids and looking at them up close with the microscope. We made lots of great art and crafts, played fun and educational games, and just enjoyed being in nature. Because it was so unseasonably hot and dry, we were able to spend even more time outside experiencing the forest.

Big thanks to WOLF School's naturalists, Otter, Raccoon, and Typhoon, who led the groups, the parents who brought their kids, and of course to the kids for having a good time and making it an enjoyable week. We really hope to see the WOLF School Winter Campers again sometime in the future! Maybe this summer at Little Basin, or maybe next year at Winter Day Camp. Please contact us at the WOLF School to join in on the fun!