Summer Nature Overnight Camp at Little Basin

WOLF School’s first ever Summer Nature Overnight Camp at Little Basin was an amazing experience and an awesome success!

It was so great to see the returning WOLF School students and Winter Campers that were part of the group--we are so happy that they are building those bonds within the WOLF School community and staying connected within the web of life. We were also happy to welcome in the new members to the WOLF Pack!

What an adventure it was! Our first day we spent exploring camp, discovering things in the redwood forest, and playing some great rounds of camouflage. That night we tried our hand at making fire with a bow drill, and at least we got a lot of smoke and sore arms. We managed to get the fire going in a modern fashion, so that we could sing some songs, listen to stories, and roast s’mores.

Day two was spent searching for geocaches and bugs in the surrounding forest and near Scott Creek. We were able to find a lot of hidden treasures, and even built a bug house to keep critters in for a bit to look at them. That night was our night hike, where we got to experience the transition from day to night in the forest and learn about the nocturnal animals of the forest, and how they survive out in the night.

Next, Naturalist Tumbleweed led us on a challenging hike up to Buzzard’s Roost. We all made it back alright though...(and was it actually Tumbleweed who was complaining the loudest?). Later that day we relaxed and dissected owl pellets, and watched a movie with popcorn that night.

Our last full day was an epic journey to the heart of Big Basin Redwood State Park. Naturalist Typhoon led us down a lesser known trail into the park, where we explored and learned about the old growth redwood forest and were able to get a treat at the general store. It was great to dunk our heads in Bloom’s Creek before trudging up the hill back to Little Basin. When we returned, we had a snack of solar nachos and tie dyed some shirts, they all came out pretty rad! We spent that night out under the stars, and it was so beautiful! We looked at Saturn and Mars through the telescope, and fell asleep watching shooting stars and the vast Milky Way.

When it was time for closing circle on the final day, it seemed that the week had gone by so fast. It was a bittersweet moment; everyone was happy to see their family and glad to go home, but there was also a part of us that didn’t want to leave the forest and didn’t want this experience to end. It was such a great time being immersed in nature, going to sleep and waking up surrounded by these amazing trees and all the beauty that lives within. Our cabin had been a good home, and we got to spend our time with great friends. We can’t wait to see everyone again in the future, maybe at Winter Camp, or Summer Camp again next year!