Summer Nature Day Camp 2015

Everyone had so much fun at WOLF School’s first ever Summer Nature Day Camp, held at Camp Monte Toyon! It was an amazing week and every day held such incredible experiences! 

Many kids were overheard saying they were already looking forward to coming back to Winter Nature Day Camp, and to next year’s Summer Nature Day Camp.  We got to see so much amazing nature, from the redwood forest of Camp Monte Toyon, to the ocean at Seacliff State Beach.  There were so many cool activities and such beautiful art creations.

Day one was our Fun in the Forest Day.  We hiked around and explored the redwoods and discovered all sorts of creatures and hidden wonders.  We sang songs, played a lot of camouflage, and made bug boxes to use to observe invertebrates that we found.

Day two, Survival Day, was a whole lot of fun, as well.  We made shelters in the woods, worked in the garden, learned fire making, and cooked right in the fire.  We actually got to harvest potatoes from the garden, then turn right around and cook them in the fire!  Fresh as it gets!  We also got to play all sorts of fun games, make friendship bracelets, and tie dyed.

Day three was Group Games and Ropes Day.  This was the day we all got to perform for each other in the talent show.  We also got to go on the low ropes course and swing on the rope swing.  With our tie dyes finished, we got to see the beautiful creations we made, they all came out so great and colorful.  Then we made cool dreamcatchers and got to meet the rosy boa.

Day four was our epic journey into Nisene Marks State Park to visit the creek.  There we were able to use rocks to paint our faces, made wooden beads, and discovered all sorts of fossils, aquatic insects, and even a few crawdads!  We also got to explore and enjoy the beautiful forest there, and make really awesome painted rocks.

Our last day was such a blast!  We hung out all day beach at Seacliff State Beach.  We played games, played in the sand making sand creatures, went on a fossil walk, flew kites, and fished off the pier.  We even helped out nature by picking up trash along the beach and earned a blue marble for our efforts for the environment.

Big thanks to our Counselors in Training, Sunflower and Sloth, for helping out; also to Scientist Steve, Heather Hedgehog, Sunshine, Armadillo, Tumbleweed, and Typhoon who led the groups, the parents for bringing their kids, and of course to the kids for having a good time and making it an enjoyable week. We really hope to see everyone again sometime in the future. Maybe this summer at Little Basin, or maybe next year at Winter and/or Summer Day Camp.  Please contact us at the WOLF School to join in on the fun!