Letters from WOLF School Students

This is Puppy. (That’s my ridiculous, not self-imposed nature name.) I’m relatively new to WOLF School.

I started working here, as an administrator in the main office, about 6 months ago. In that time I’ve had the pleasure of meeting all of our wonderful naturalists, directors, and other various staff members. I’ve also had the good fortune to experience WOLF School programs first-hand, observing our naturalists at work, and our students learning. However, what I’ve been most-impressed by has been other peoples’ reactions to their WOLF School experiences.

Our campers, parents chaperones, and teachers have always had great things to say about WOLF School. These comments have come to us on Facebook, through e-mail, and over the phone. But, my favorite pieces of feedback have always been the ones that come hand-written from students. Today I thought I’d share some with you...

This first one is great, because the campers worked together to writing individual messages to their various Naturalists and to their Program Director.

My favorite quotes are:  

“I had lots of fun on all the challenges and hikes.”

    “…I thought the solo walk was scary, but it was fun [anyway].”

    “…the night hike was really really really cool!”

This second one is part of a collection of letters sent to us by an entire class, following their visit to WOLF School. My favorite passage from this one is:

“…at the campfire, the plays were so funny, I was laughing so hard.”

These letters were all great… but the last one really encapsulated the sentiments of all of them when this child wrote. “Thank you for teaching us about nature...I hope I get to go to your school again soon.”

I know I speak for the entire WOLF School staff when I say, “You’re welcome…and thank YOU!”