Geocaching at Little Basin

The rains are just beginning to sprinkle around up here in the Santa Cruz Mountains, and that means that fall is in full effect and winter is coming! 

This summer has been amazing up here at Little Basin Cabins & Campground and all of our WOLF School summer camp programs went great.  We had a lot of campers this season, which makes me happy that more people are getting to experience this beautiful redwood forest.  I was also very happy that so many people visited our Official Little Basin Geocaches.

Right now, we are experiencing great leaps in technology. A lot of these new “toys” keep people inside, glued to some sort of screen. However, sometimes technological advances can promote being outside. A new trend that is getting families to enjoy the outdoors together is called geocaching. This is a global game of hide-and-seek that involves using a GPS device, or just a map and compass if you’re “old-school.” A “cache” can be anything from a box with treasures inside, to just a scroll in a film can where you write your name on. These caches can be hidden around the forest (and the city), and the locations are posted online for others to find.

Many families will add a little more challenge to their hike by going out together to look for geocaches along the way. Once a geocache is found, you can add yourself to the visitor log, re-hide it, and look for another.

It has been just over a year since I hid our first geocache at Little Basin, and now we currently have 5 Official Little Basin Geocaches, with hopefully more to come! So come on up and hunt for some geocaches!

The Little Basin geocaches have a variety of creatures that you can trade for. The geocache code is if you leave a treasure for the cache, you can take one that someone else left. So bring some sort of small toy or token if you want to trade.  Not only that, but I have placed the Little Basin geocaches in some of the most beautiful areas of the forest, so you also get to enjoy being brought to one of these special locations!

Happy Hunting! -Typhoon