Ardenwood Elementary Donates Art & Camp Supplies to WOLF School

For the second year in a row, Ardenwood Elementary School in Fremont has donated multiple boxes of art and camp supplies to WOLF School. We would like to give a huge shout-out and thank you to 6th grade teacher Antoinette Schlobohm for donating five boxes filled with crayons, markers, pencils, erasers, and pens, as well as jackets and blankets. Wow!

Donated from extra supplies that were left over from her classroom, and from personal belongings she planned to give away, these art and camp supplies are so appreciated and will be put to good use by all of our WOLF School campers during our residential science camps for schools and seasonal nature camps for the community. 

6th grade student's pencil drawings of sights in nature during WOLF School's outdoor science camp.

6th grade student's pencil drawings of sights in nature during WOLF School's outdoor science camp.

As a nonprofit, every donation of a necessary physical goods means two things: we can guarantee we have the supplies for kids, and we can keep more money in our budget to put towards WOLF School Scholarships that bring more kids to camp. A box of pencils or a blanket might not seem like much, but it is the million little things that keep our camp an educational and welcome environment for kids. Pencils give students the chance to connect with their outdoor experiences by re-creating them within their field study journals. They can draw what they see, write down what they are learning, and take those journals with them when they leave camp to reflect on the memories and lessons experienced at science camp. A blanket means a kid who might not have the nicest sleeping bag or who brought blankets but maybe didn't have enough, doesn't have to worry about being less comfortable than their peers at camp.

Ardenwood Elementary has been coming to 6th grade science camp at WOLF School's Santa Cruz-area campus, Camp Monte Toyon in Aptos, since 2003. Each year they come for two weeks, with 60 kids each week, thanks to Ms. Schlobohm and fellow teacher Ms. Cathy Gregory. Their understanding of the importance in outdoor education means their students get the opportunity to make hands-on connections between classroom learning and the world around them. They get to spend a week in nature, learning about themselves, their peers, and the environment. For some kids, it is their first time ever seeing a redwood, or stepping foot within a forest. Ms. Schlobohm and Ms. Gregory's support of their students and WOLF School by continuing to come back to science camp year after year means so much to our organization, and their further support in donating supplies so we may better serve more kids makes our WOLF hearts so full! Thank you Ardenwood!

How You Can Help: Donate Goods or Services

Your donation of science and natural history equipment or educational expertise makes a difference! Do you have or can you collect gently used or new guide books, binoculars, hand lenses, clinometers, and more for field studies? Students will love it! Do you have valuable research about, say, forest ecology that you can share with our naturalists to pass on to kids? We'd love to meet you!

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Send Your Students to Camp!

Ardenwood Elementary has learned what an amazing impact science camp has on their students...Let us find a way to get your students to camp, too! During WOLF School’s Outdoor Science School program, educated naturalists lead students in scientific field studies where students can explore, discover, and learn about the natural world through fun activities on the trail and in remarkable outdoor environments.

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