5 Ways to "Green" Your Thanksgiving

1. Break Out the Good Dishes

Don’t use plastic utensils or paper plates, and cook with reusable containers and pans. Sure, dish washing is a chore, but these”convenient” dishes create a ton of waste. Use cloth napkins, too. Also, post meal clean up can be done with a homemade, green cleaner and an old towel.


2. Decorate with Nature

Fill clear vases with pine cones, acorns and colorful leaves and use as an earthy centerpiece. Popped open your organic wine bottles already? Take the corks, carve a small slit in the cork, and place a piece of paper with a guest’s name to create unique, up-cycled place settings.


3. Use Reusable

Choose reusable food-ware, containers, and cookware.  Use cloth napkins; Borrow extra dishes, platters.  If you’re going to someone's house, bring your own reusable container.


4. Conserve Energy Use

Think of is how energy efficient you’re being with your cooking. If you have several dishes that need to be in the oven at the same temperature, put them in at the same time to reduce energy use (and prep time!). And start with some of your ingredients at room temperature, like butter, to reduce stove-top melting time.


5. Carpool

If you are attending a large family gathering for Thanksgiving, carpool with other family members in your area. In the United States, automobiles produce over 20 percent of total carbon emissions.