2017 WOLF School Award & Little Basin Award Winner...Carly (Armadillo)!

It is with sincere gratitude for her work, passion, and commitment that we honor Carly (Armadillo) with the 2017 WOLF School Award AND the 2017 Little Basin Award.

Armadillo--We will be forever grateful for your contributions to both WOLF School and Little Basin. You have left a lasting impact with our students, our staff, and our programs. As you embark on your new adventures, know that you will always have the full support of the WOLF Pack howling you on as you continue to accomplish all that we know you will achieve!

2017 WOLF School Award

A Message from Desiree Gant, WOLF School Associate Director

Carly has been instrumental in continuing to move WOLF School forward. Her passion and enthusiasm for connecting students with the outdoors has extended to all who pass through our camp and, very importantly, she has made oftentimes marginalized groups feel more comfortable in nature. She has contributed to the development of a social justice component within our programs, and has helped enlighten fellow naturalists to this need during WOLF School's staff trainings. Her understanding of science (specifically herpetology) has kept WOLF Schools Citizen Science Project on Salamander Monitoring a focal point of our science-based curriculum, and moreover, made it fun for students to learn. 

2017 Little Basin Award

A Message from Heather Butler, WOLF School Director & Little Basin Site Director

Carly was awarded the Little Basin Award for 2017 due to her contributions to Little Basin Cabins & Campgrounds, its campers, and its staff. She was one of the first staff hired at Little Basin and during her time there, she has performed all the jobs imaginable: from Interpretive Naturalist leading campfires, hikes, junior rangers, and art and nature lessons for kids, to working check-in for campers at the front desk, to cleaning cabins, creating marketing videos, helping BBQ, leading volunteers weekends, and being an all-around dedicated Little Basin staff member. Always able and willing to help, Carly made the difference many times between a good and a great experience for campers and youth, and her art skills combined with her excellent knowledge of nature made her popular with kids and a great asset to our programs.

Carly is now taking all she has learned during her time with WOLF School and is applying it to a teaching credential program based on art for high school students. We are so excited to see what more she accomplishes, and wish her luck for the future!