10 Reasons I Love Science Camp

1. I work with great people.  Some of them are named Otter, Sunshine, Tumbleweed, Typhoon.  You get the idea.  It is never boring.

2. I hang out with the MOST DEDICATED elementary and high school teachers ever.  They are fun.  And funny.  And I get to see them every year.

3. I mostly work outside.  I grump about being tied to a computer, but everything I do on the computer is to support the kids learning about being outside.  Outside is, by the way, covered with towering redwoods, coyotes yipping at night, newts walking around, and other awesome critters.

4. Science camp exists for kids—to teach kids about being part of the web of life.  Kids like to do fun stuff, and have super interesting perspectives on life.  They are great people to hang out with, and helping kids is fun.

5. Science camp also exists for adults—it is my personal opinion that adults are pretty much just big kids, sometimes with a bit more baggage—and it is INCREDIBLY fun to watch an adult make a life changing connection with nature.  Or learn something new about themselves or the world. At camp.

6. Night hikes are the best.  We do one every week.  Life-changing experience right there!

7. Campfire!  Need I say more?

8. I never have to go to sleep worried that what I am doing matters to the world.  I know that what I am doing matters.  I love that!

9.  Just love that kids are growing up more in touch with science and redwoods and outside and music and newts and that I get to be a part of it.

10.  Come join me!  That is the other best part.  I get to invite others to join the science camp craze.   Drop me a line—I’ll tell you all about it.

-Heather Butler, WOLF School Director