WOLF P.A.C.C. Teambuilding

Personal Awareness.  Community.  Comittment

WOLF’s P.A.C.C. Teambuilding programs are designed to teach students the keys to successful communication, responsibility and personal growth through leadership and initiative activities in the outdoors.  These programs offer field study activities, challenges, teambuilding and science studies while living and learning together in a community.

PACC Program Goals - Students will:

  • Learn to identify their personal strengths and areas for improvement.
  • Develop tolerance and appreciation of personal differences.
  • Practice taking positive risks in a supportive environment.
  • Improve communication and problem solving skills.
  • Develop an understanding that their actions effect their community.

PACC Program Concepts

The following four concepts are the foundation of the WOLF PACC Program. Using these concepts students develop patterns of understanding while building skills for success.

  1. Personal Awareness: Refers to the awareness of self. With knowledge of self, students can identify their strengths and areas in which they want to improve their ability. Students will learn to identify and strengthen life skills that will help them in their daily lives.
  2. Personal Interaction: Refers to the awareness of others. Knowledge of this kind helps students recognize and understand each other’s strengths. This interpersonal awareness helps build mutual respect and tolerance for individual differences. Students will gain knowledge about the diverse skills and abilities within their classmates and community.
  3. Positive Risk Taking: A positive risk is taken when the potential outcome benefits the risk taker and his or her community. The challenge portion of the program allows students to practice risk taking in a supportive environment where no outcomes are seen as negative.
  4. Community Action: One of the main focuses of the PACC program is to increase student involvement in their community. Students will develop an understanding of how their actions impact their community and develop skills that will enable them to make positive actions on behalf of their community.

*Special Focus: Programs can emphasize certain group building concepts or subject area knowledge based on your students’ particular needs. A ropes course option is also available for an additional fee, as well as a variety of field trips (click here for field trip details). We work with your school in advance to assure your students’ curricular and social needs are met.

* Concepts taught at WOLF are commonly used during our Residential Outdoor Science School (ROSS) programs.  However, we are happy to integrate these concepts into a week of teambuilding and group challenges.  Contact us to discuss creating a custom program that fits the needs of your school.