Program Testimonials

 “Our group’s naturalist, Seal, was great at explaining the different ways cycles work  by awesome games and discussion. She gave them a chance to think from a different perspective.”

— Jeanne, Parent Chaperone, Payne Elementary, San Jose

 “Thank you for providing such yummy gluten free meals. My daughter is GF and she was worried about the food but her comment this morning was that she could eat here ever day!”

— Parent Chaperone, Deterding Elementary, Carmichael

 “Naturalists are passionate about what they’re doing and use multiple modalities to reach every student.”

— Carolyn Hudson, Teacher, Deterding Elementary, Carmichael

 “I really appreciate the field journal. It helps with curriculum when we return to school.”

— Joanna Harris, Teacher, Deterding Elementary, Carmichael

 “Thank you! I had a great time as a chaperone. This is such a valuable program and the children are forever changed. Thank you! You guys all ROCK!!”

— Jeanne, Parent Chaperone, George C. Payne Elementary School, San Jose

 “The cool experiments with the sun (Solar Stove, Solar Panel and Fan). There were so many great lessons about nature.” (On favorite part of the WOLF School experience.)

— Jadine Trujillo, Parent Chaperone, Sunnyside Elementary, San Francisco

 “[WOLF School provides] a great combination of science including terminology, technical yet understandable explanations, and hands-on fun activities.”

— Jill Burns, Parent Chaperone, Baker Elementary, San Jose

 “Many of the students in my group had never experienced being away from the city life, yet they enjoyed every moment spent in nature and learning valuable information without feeling like it was school. They had a blast!”

— Maria Sanchez, Parent Chaperone, Baker Elementary, San Jose

 “The naturalists did an excellent job of serving my SDC students. Thanks!!!”

— Mrs. Colonna, 5th Grade SDC Teacher, Baker Elementary, San Jose

 “They responded so well that they didn’t even know they were learning!”

— Margaret Kondo, 5th Grade Teacher, Baker Elementary, San Jose

"Nature’s Classroom was well organized and a great use of time! The experience was AWESOME!!  Our students had a wonderful time."

— Susan White, Teacher at East Elementary, Ohio

"It took my breath away, so perfect and vivid that you ask yourself is this real. You think not even the best technology can be so beautiful."

— Student, WOLF Journal Entry

"Working in the Redwoods with kids is such a rewarding experience. Once you get the group in a perfect circle and have them look up and see a perfect circle formed by the redwood grove that they are now standing in, they are instantly hooked."

— Naturalist, Web of Life Field School, Santa Cruz

Highly recommend.  The entire staff is wonderful.  I feel truly blessed…. We will remember this trip forever.  Thank you—

— Tiffani Covarrubios, Parent Chaperone, Larson School, Lodi

The campfire program draws students in and provides opportunity for quieter students to ‘shine’."

— Katrina Abbott, Teacher, St. Philip’s School, San Francisco

As always, the kids were extremely absorbed in this program.  Socially and academically, they have grown up this week!  Every year we are pleased with the emotionally safe yet adventurous environment WOLF School creates.”

— Kristen Tufo, Teacher, St. Philip’s School, San Francisco

In these days of standards based education, the naturalists at WOLF school remember that, along with the facts, there should also be joy in the scientific process. They instill in their students an appreciation for close observation and an understanding of global issues.  Best of all they make us feel as if we’re the first ones to walk a creek or stand under a redwood; they make each experience new and exciting.”

— Helen Shamble, Teacher, Easterbrook Discovery School, San Jose

Keep doing what you do so well—foster in each of us the unique treasures of which we are caretakers.”

— Catherine Whittaker, Teacher, St. Michael’s Episcopal Day School, Carmichael

Night hikes at Cazadero are enchanting. Teachers listen to the calling of spotted owls while the excited laughter of the kids floats across the meadow. The layout of the cabins around a meadow is a great focus for the WOLF School community while the incredible diversity of wildlife to be seen on the trails is ideal for teaching about the web of life. Newt migration time is the best!

— Heather Butler, Web of Life Field School