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How many teeth does a banana slug have?
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Curious what WOLF School is all about?  Learn more about what life is like at camp and the many adventures to come!!  If you have already visited WOLF, write to us about your favorite memories!

Here You Can: 

  • Find out what a day at the WOLF School is like.
  • Find out about the dorms and the food.
  • What should you bring to the WOLF School.
  • See pictures of the WOLF School.
  • Email us questions you have about outdoor science school, science camp, the PACC program or the Living History program you will be attending.
  • Tell us your most important or best memories of the WOLF School.
  • Tell us about your latest science or outdoor discoveries.
  • Write a letter to your Naturalist or Director!
  • Visit our other fun links!

 A Day at WOLF!

Camp Questions and Answers

What Are the Dorms Like?

Girls and boys stay in separate cabins with their classmates and a chaperone chosen by their teachers. Each dormitory or cabin has room for 4-14 students and chaperones. There are bunkbeds in each cabin and centrally located modern bathrooms and showers. Your classroom teacher will have more information about who will be in which cabins.

What Will I Eat at WOLF School?

Our professional kitchen staff makes healthy, tasty meals for the kids and adults who attend the WOLF School.  Generally we have pasta with veggie or meat sauce, bread and salad for dinner the first night, followed by dessert. For breakfasts, we have food like pancakes, cereal, fruit, yogurt, eggs and potatoes, French toast.  For lunch, each student makes their own sandwich to take out on the trail. Sandwich options include turkey, ham, cheese, peanut butter and jelly, vegetables, tofu.  For lunch, kids also get a piece of fruit, baby carrots, cookie and trail mix.  For the other dinners we have food like make your own burritos, pizza and salad. You are always welcome to have seconds at meals.

If you are vegetarian, have a food allergy, medical condition or other limitation (religious, etc.) affecting what you eat, let your teacher know on your health form so we can make sure to have plenty of good food ready for you. 

What Should I Bring?

Your teacher will give you a list of things to bring to the WOLF School. Don’t forget to bring your lunch for the first day, a reusable water bottle (a reused 16 oz. plastic water or soda bottle will be fine), a rainjacket, rain poncho or large trash bag (to make a rain jacket), a hat, sunblock and a daypack to carry all this out on the trail.  Do not bring extra food or candy (it attracts ants), money (nothing to buy), expensive equipment or brand new shoes that will hurt your feet when you walk.  Your regular tennis shoes will work for hiking and walking.  Click the link below to get a detailed packing list! 

WOLF Photos

Check out pictures of the WOLF School, its staff, and students!  Curious about more photos?  You can also see what’s new at WOLF school on our facebook page.

Ask us a question about WOLF School!

Email admin [at] wolfschool [dot] org. Include the name of your school and teacher in your email so we know when you will be attending and can best answer your question. We check our email Mon.-Fri. and will try to get back to you as soon as possible. Often your teachers will have the most up-to-date information regarding where you are going, when you will be there and who will be in the cabin with you. Or have your parent contact us.

Email us your best memory from being at WOLF School

What do you remember about the WOLF School and what you did here? Write Us and let us know who you are, what school you came with, what year, and to what campus. We love to hear from our past students and friends. Did coming to the WOLF School change you in some way? What did you learn? Did you make a commitment to the Earth? And keep it? What would future kids at WOLF want to know? What did you like the best?

If you or your parent would like to order a t-shirt, hat or water bottle, click here.

What have you discovered since you went home? How did WOLF School affect you?

How are your scientific studies going? Have you learned more about your community? Attended a town hall meeting? Gotten involved in a stewardship program to help your school or to help the Earth? Have you seen a salamander or frog lately?  Write Us about your discoveries so we can add them to our list of student scientists at work. Include your name, age, school, and when you attended the WOLF School..

Write to your Naturalist or Director

Write us a message!  We would love to hear from you!!  When writing a message to your naturalist or director, make sure to include your name, school, your naturalist’s name, and when you attended the WOLF School.   You can also email us at naturalist [at] wolfschool [dot] org!

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 Answer: 27,000 teeth!!!