Information & Forms For Parents

Dear Parents, 

Welcome to an exciting outdoor school program!  While attending the Web of Life Field School, your child will experience firsthand the wonders of the natural environment and her/his own importance to these surroundings and the community.  It will be a great opportunity for personal development and social growth.  This unique learning experience is designed to enrich and reinforce classroom learning.  Outdoor education is an integral part of the school curriculum and provides exciting educational experiences that will be remembered for a lifetime.  Included below is information to answer you and your child’s questions about coming to the WOLF School.  If you have more questions, you can refer to your child’s teacher or contact us directly.

Yours in Adventure,

The Wolf School Staff 

Preparation for Camp: 

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What to Expect from WOLF School

Our job at the WOLF School is to offer academic programs, challenging curriculum and exciting hands-on experiences that support teachers’ classroom curriculum and enhance your students’ educational experience in our outdoor classroom.  We offer programs for K-12th grade students at campuses throughout Northern California.  From rustic to retreat style, our campuses highlight some of the best outdoor areas in the Santa Cruz, Sonoma and Sierra Foothill areas.  Check out our Programs to see the full extent of WOLF’s program offerings.

 WOLF School offers:

Customized K-12th grade science, history, and group building programs

Health and safety supervision

Curriculum according to the state Content Standards and Frameworks.

Positive Expectations and Discipline Policy for students

Comprehensive chaperone training and information

Experienced, professional, and friendly Naturalists and Directors

A positive life-changing experience for students

Good, healthy, kid-friendly food

Comfortable lodging

Help preparing for your child’s program

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Program Details

Health and Safety

Safety comes first at the WOLF School. All our staff are certified in the Principles of First Aid and CPR, and carry first aid kits and radios with them while out on the trails. All staff are background checked and our campuses are closed to the public. WOLF School’s Program Director typically acts as Health Supervisor and handles medications and ill students in coordination with the classroom teachers. All prescription and over-the-counter medication must be in the original labeled bottle and be accompanied with a signed doctor’s approval with full dispensation instructions. Students are always in the presence of a chaperone, teacher or WOLF staff member while at our programs.

Learning By the Standards

Depending on the program attended, students will learn subject area knowledge of history, science, natural history and group building. Academic learning is enhanced by living in an educational community. Our outdoor science curriculum, living history and WOLF P.A.C.C. program curriculum is correlated to current CDE State Content Standards and Frameworks. Click on the program  Outdoor Science School, Living History, or WOLF P.A.C.C Program to view the section on curriculum, or click on Teacher Information to see more about our program and the CDE Content Standards and Frameworks. 

Behavior Expectations and Discipline Policy

Students attending WOLF School are expected to observe the same rules they do at school. While it is an incredible outdoor “science camp,” living history or group building experience, students are still responsible for achieving their learning goals and behaving like they are at school. For that reason, there are well-defined behavior expectations and discipline policy . Students, their parents, chaperones and teachers are all responsible for being familiar with these expectations so they can support their children putting their best foot forward at the WOLF School.

Chaperone Training and Responsibilities

All chaperones and teachers are offered a comprehensive chaperone training when they arrive. Chaperones also receive a chaperone handbook designed to assist in their responsibilities, including information about the schedule, program goals, behavior expectations, chaperone responsibilities and activities to use with your students. Chaperones are an essential part of the outdoor school team. Their responsibilities include hiking with the students, assisting with positive discipline, sleeping in the cabin in order to supervise the students, and participating in group and educational activities. Be prepared to be a leader and be prepared to reap great rewards. Click here to read/print the Chaperone Handbook .

WOLF School Staff

Our experienced Program Directors will lead your program, from health supervision to meals to evening activities. Our skilled Naturalists provide safe and exciting environmental education adventures in our outdoor classroom. From geology to water sampling to studying banana slug adaptations to team-building activities, Naturalists plan and deliver a dynamic hands-on experience for your students. For more information click on WOLF School Staff.

Living and Learning Together

Teachers often say they bring their students to an outdoor education program for two main reasons. First is the subject area knowledge that the students gain—often more information and more easily recalled because of the hands-on, out of the classroom, inquiry-based way the knowledge was acquired. Second is the group bonding that occurs at an environmental education program. Students need to cooperate to get their showers done on time and get to dinner. Students serve food and clear tables and eat together at a table as a group. They have to clean up after themselves. They see their teachers after hours and teachers have the opportunity to see the best in their students that may shine brighter after regular school hours.

Many teachers and students say it is a wonderful opportunity to learn to appreciate others in their class or grade level they did not know or thought they knew, but learned to appreciate more at the WOLF School. Parents have said their children came home more appreciative of not wasting food (garbology) and energy, and sometimes showing a new level of responsibility.

Healthy, Kid-Friendly Food

Tasty meals are provided as part of the program starting with dinner the first night and ending with lunch on the last day. We provide healthy, kid-friendly food in either a buffet or family-style setting. An example of a typical day consists of pancakes, cereal and fruit for breakfast, build your own sandwich (turkey, ham, peanut butter and jelly, cheese, vegetables, tofu), carrots, trail mix and cookies for lunch, pasta with choice of vegetarian or meat sauce, salad and bread for dinner. We easily accommodate special diets/food allergies when contacted three weeks in advance of you/your child’s arrival. Contact us in advance of the program. Don’t forget a lunch for your child/you on the first day!


Students and chaperones stay in comfortable, warm cabins or dormitories depending on the campus. Student rooms usually hold 4-14 students per room and have bunk beds. Some campuses have modern bathrooms inside the rooms, while other campuses have a nearby bath house. Ask your child’s classroom teacher or group leader for more specific information about the site you will attend or refer to our Facilities and Directions page.

What To Bring

Your child’s teacher will give you a list of what to bring and what not to.  Each child and adult attending will also need a completed Medical History Form: Students and Chaperones under 18 or Teachers and Chaperones over 18 . Students and chaperones under 18 who are bringing any prescription or over the counter medication will also need a completed WOLF School Medication Authorization Form signed by a doctor with full dispensation instructions.

Any questions? Contact Us