Custom Adventures

Design a custom program that fits what your goals and needs are for your students!  

The opportunities are endless as we work with you to ensure that your students experience a field trip they will cherish for a lifetime.  For example, you can combine specific activities from programs we offer in our Outdoor Science and Teambuilding programs, or Natural History Gold Rush with Outdoor Science lessons.   Our staff are masters at preparing specific, unique lessons from topics you wish to be emphasized.    

In addition to custom programs, we also offer in-class presentation to supplement what has been learned in the field and to bring outdoor science to the classroom.

Contact the WOLF School Office to create a perfect program for your students!

How to Create Your Program

During a typical day at WOLF School (See our Daily Schedule), students are out in the field with their naturalists from 9:45am-3:30pm.  Naturalists independently plan curriculum, based on teachers’ requests, to excite and educate students.  In addition to field study time, after evening meals, from 7:30-9pm, students experience dusk in the woods with evening programs.  

Areas where we can transform a program to uniquely fit your desired school’s needs are:

  • Field Study Topics:

    Custom programs can include vast variety of topics such as Santa Cruz area history, Native American studies, photosynthesis, water resources, geology, team-building, and naturalist-led field trips.   What are subject areas in which you wish for your students to strengthen their understanding?  We are here to help!

  • Evening Activities:

Choose from possible activities below, or talk to us about your own idea for a night under the stars. 

Campfire:  Relax with your students as naturalist lead songs, skits, and stories around a campfire.  Relish the smiles and laughter from your students as they create a memory they will recall with eachother for weeks to come. 

Evening hikes:  Rocks you can eat that spark in your mouth?!   Glow in the dark insects?!  Electrical excited energy will pulsate through your students hearts as they get a chance to challenge themselves to experience the forest transition from diurnal activity to crepuscular and nocturnal life.   Naturalists safely lead students into the darkened forest and share cool activities that will peak your students interests! 

Town Hall Meeting:  Through a guided visualization, students are transported to a town hall meeting where they are active parts of a community debating issues at hand.  One possible issue:  Our little town’s economy has been hit hard with tough times.  A mall developer has come to town, offering to build a mall on newly available property that will bring large amounts of jobs and revenue to this struggling community.  However, this property is home to an endangered species of salamander that will be dessimated during the construction.  What will the citizens of this fine town decide to do? 

Astronomy Night:  After a guided tour through our solar system and beyond into our universe through an entertaining, naturalist-led slideshow, students go outside and become acquainted with the sparkling stars and the constellations while learning stories about how civilizations of our pasts viewed our evening scenery. 

Challenge Night:  A great evening program towards the end of a week, students can show what they have learned about teamwork, leadership, and communication by engaging in a scavenger hunt of team challenges, working toward a common, surprise goal.  This program is packed with active excitement, personal discovery, and team unity. 

  • Field Trips:

We offer a variety of field trips at our many locations.  Learn more about these field trip opportunities at Field Trips & In-class presentations.  Please note that offered field trips differ amongst our many sites throughout Northern California. 

 We look forward to helping you create a program that will inspire your students for years to come!